32 Years Of Proven Success.

R.L. Sagath has more than 35 years of outstanding experience in crane service. Our extensive knowledge and excellent reputation inscluedes work with overhead cranes, jib cranes, monorail systems, work stations ans special material handling equiptment. We get your job done!

For your mandatory OSHA inspections, Sagath's factory-trained and schooled technicians will support your need to fulfill the ongoing responsiblity to meet the Federal Code of Regulations (CFR-29, Section 1910.1799) and other OSHA codes.

Sagath provides 'turnkey' crane design and installation for your crane system, including runways and complete electrical trouble shooting and design.

If you have a need, chances are Sagath can solve your dilemma. We custom make shafts, pins, bushings, housing, special gearing, side bars, special threading, wheels and much more. Call Sagath and let us be your solution.

Many times a business or company has a requirement to produce a limited number of items that simply cannot be purchased anywhere. This is where Sagath can "step up to the plate" to produce the limited number of pieces to solve your need.

Your design requirements, regardless of the complexity, have Sagath's attention and expertise. We have more than 35 years of problem-solving capabilities and experience.

Sagaths customers know, if they can conceive it, we can build it! Solutions to difficult production problems are just a phone call away.

Besser Mold Box Vibrator

Our after market besser type mold box vibrators are state of the art in design, materials, and assembly. A number of customers stated that they have documented over 2.5 million cycles on sets of our vibrators. That is no where near service life received from factory furnished vibrators.


Carriers for pnumatic sample transportation systems furnishes to you in top grade aluminum carbon steel, or alloy heat treated steel. Standard sizes as well as tubes customized to your specifications. Sagath pnumatic tubes are customer rated superior in quality and life span. More than 40 years experience means unequaled value and performance.

Phone: 412-111-1111
Email: RLSMFCI@Cfaith.com
Address: 1111 Springhill Rd, Murrysville 15668